Hex Trumpets


Hex TrumpetMy Hex Calls were inspired by the Hex Signs, or geometric designs Pennsylvania German farmers put on their barns in my area, “Just for Pretty”. There is a mistaken belief that they were put there for good luck and/or to keep the devil away. Believe what you want. Most Hex signs have six, eight or twelve sides to them. When I started making Hex calls the first few had six straight sides on them, the next few were tapered, but I soon changed to eight sides like many of the barrels on 19th century revolvers, because of the greater eye appeal.  This design won first place in the Turned Barrel Hunting call category, and the Tom Turpin Award, at the 2005 National Wild Turkey Federation Convention.

R Permar Custom Calls LLC, provides original designs and interpretations of vintage turned barrel yelpers, to hunters and collectors.

Tom Turpin Award Winner 2004, 2005, 2008 and Jordan Award Winner 2009
PO Box 74
Old Zionsville PA 18068


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