DSC01028The Kee-er is about 2.5″ in length, and .7 “ in diameter. Lanyard is included. It doesn’t take much air to run the kee-er. My recommended method, of running the call to get the best sound, is by placing the Kee-er, round end up, in the hand where fingers meet palm. Let lanyard hang out back of hand between first and second fingers. Make a fist with call inside and the upper end slightly below the level of the thumb and index finger. Then press the top of fist to mouth, insuring a good seal, (lips do not touch the call) and draw air through the call as in breathing from the chest. Upper and lower limits of the call can be found by drawing in the least amount of air to start the call whistling, then slowly increase the amount of breath until the sound shuts off. A two-note Kee-Kee is achieved by varying the speed of air through the call. Each Kee-er is signed

Prices start at $40

R Permar Custom Calls LLC, provides original designs and interpretations of vintage turned barrel yelpers, to hunters and collectors.

Tom Turpin Award Winner 2004, 2005, 2008 and Jordan Award Winner 2009
PO Box 74
Old Zionsville PA 18068

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