1917 Style Trumpets


1917 Style Trumpet

These calls are part of two very successful limited editions of 75 each in wood and 20 each in Ivory.  They have long been sold out but are now offered as personalized calls with the customer’s initials in place of a number or my signature. The ferrules are created from obsolete Savage High Power brass cartridge cases, with my initials on the reverse.   The 1st edition had no place for a lanyard so when that sold out a 2nd edition was produced by popular demand that introduced a machined brass lanyard area.   A lanyard with ivory bead is attached to the caller.  This style of call has not only proven itself in the woods over the years, but also in the NWTF national call making contest.   During the 2004 national convention, this style yelper of African Blackwood, won the Tom Turpin award and went on to win Best of Show, Air Operated Yelpers, in the Hunting Call Division.

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R Permar Custom Calls LLC, provides original designs and interpretations of vintage turned barrel yelpers, to hunters and collectors.

Tom Turpin Award Winner 2004, 2005, 2008 and Jordan Award Winner 2009
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Old Zionsville PA 18068

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